Hydroelectric Power Plants

Deployment of a UAV for inspection and monitoring can promote worker and plant safety, reduce costs, assess the facility’s status, define maintenance programs, and ultimately extend the life-cycle of a hydroelectric asset.
Hydroelectric dams routine structural evaluations typically require inspectors to rappel down from the top of the dam, or to work on platforms / scaffolding that must be erected, which are all indeed, long, costly, and risky businesses.

ACES AIR UAV’s, equipped with hi-end cameras, thermal-cameras, backed by highly precise global positioning system; can inspect and locate damages as small as a coin across the entire dam span, keeping O&M budget under control, and enhancing safety of the inspectors.

Water utilities companies are relying on UAVs for inspection and survey of their assets, since they help them improving water supply network efficiency and minimizing potential impacts on their customers and community. ACES AIR helps utilities companies in operational, planning and investment decisions-making process.